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Public Lecture "Creating a Successful Business Since College"

Management Study Program - Wednesday, August 10, 2022, held a Public Lecture with the theme "Creating a Successful Business Since College" with speaker namely Mr. Erwansyah, SE, MM (Regional Sales Head of PT. MNC Life Assurance (MNC Group) which took place at 10.00 WIB. This activity begins with remarks from the head of the Management study program Dr. Khaira Amalia Fachrudin, SE, Ak. MBA. Public lectures are held online using the Zoom Meeting application. 

On this occasion Mr. erwansyah conveys 4 things that will be discussed namely: Choosing to work or creating a business, how to find business opportunities, tips on how to create a business and competencies that must be possessed by a businessman. Mr. Erwansyah conveyed why we should become a business, namely the high unemployment rate, the number of entrepreneurs is still small, the workforce increasing employment, and helping Indonesia to become a developed country. 

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In his presentation as Students should have instilled the soul of a businessman since they were in college, because the risks to be faced are very small, the campus environment is supportive, adds experience in starting a business, gets mentoring from lecturers and can add value to the CV. A student is expected to capture business opportunities in his environment, the thing that can be done is to find out what is needed around your environment, take advantage of existing hobbies to be developed into a business, must be able to pay attention to existing trends, understand and analyze the market If there is a business similar to the one we are going to build, if not then we will create a new business where the opportunity to get a profit is greater, lastly we must also add value to the product to be sold, such as what advantages distinguish products produced by other products.

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According to Mr. Erwansyah, there are ways to find business opportunities, namely, creating business opportunities from problems in the surrounding environment, creating business opportunities that can shift competitors, making a list of what can be used as business opportunities complete with a target time, making a decision on what opportunities are available. will be occupied first, don't be afraid to try, start creating success from a small business.

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At the end of the delivery of the material, Mr. Erwansyah hopes that the explanation given can attract students to be interested in opening a business from the lecture bench.